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What types of canopies are there?

There are different ways to protect yourself and your garden from sun and rain. In addition to fixed garden canopies, which are attached directly to the house and are expensive, there are various other options today.

Gazebos, gazebos and pergolas and what makes them so special.

Basically, the special thing about the three types of roofing is that they are not attached to the house and can therefore be used free-standing.

Gazebos, pavilions and pergolas can be erected when the occasion arises and then removed and stowed away. This option is particularly attractive for pavilions, because pavilions are often used to invite people to a party in the garden. But there is also the option, depending on the material and the wind and snow resistance of the canopy, to leave it in place all year round. Here you should primarily pay attention to which tests the canopy has survived.

But how do the roofing options differ?

Gazebo aus Stahl im Garten


A gazebo is basically anything that can be used as a free-standing roof in the garden or in parks. What is special about gazebos is their shape, which can vary between 4, 6 and even 8 corners. Gazebos feature a solid roof and provide a sense of security and privacy. This feeling is supported by the choice of materials, since gazebos are often made of wood or metal and are therefore particularly durable. 

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A pavilion is basically nothing more than a gazebo, although in addition to wooden and metal pavilions, people also like to speak of folding and party pavilions. The latter are comparatively very quick to set up, easier to transport and are not intended to be left standing in wind and weather for a long time. Collapsible pavilions and party pavilions are often set up as needed, for example at parties, and then dismantled again. 

Pergola aus Stahl mit Stoffdach im Garten


While gazebos and pavilions are completely closed, pergolas are often open or semi-open. Pergolas are therefore particularly functional, because they allow the sun's influence to be retained despite sufficient shade.

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